Anonymous whispered: shizaya really happened in Durarara or it's just fanarts by fans?

Reasons why Shizaya is Canon Part 1

Reasons why Shizaya is Canon Part 2

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Shizuo gets a wild turn-on from seeing all the izaya alts messing around with each other

When Shizuo finally learns to control his anger, he stops dyeing his hair.

Izaya likes to be rimmed

Shizuo absolutely loves it when Izaya cosplays as a sexy waitress or nurse~

izaya leaves bites and hickeys high up on shizuo’s neck that are hard to cover up. in turn, shizuo leaves bites and hickeys EVERYWHERE on izaya.

I’m afraid someone will sneak up on me and see me translating hard yaoi Shizaya doujins…

Izaya projects all of his love onto humans, because he’s too scared to confess to Shizuo. Shizuo pretends to hate Izaya because he’s scared of being in love with Izaya and ending up hurting him.

Sometimes Izaya provokes Shizuo in bed to be more violent. He likes to see how far they can take it until it becomes to much.